Health Insurance and Medicare Products

We are a boutique health insurance agency located in Cincinnati, Ohio that provides our clients with a personal touch and individual plan options.

We can provide Affordable Care Act (ACA), small group, individual, Medicare, and short-term plan options.

Our agents are independent brokers that provide services at ZERO cost to you. We work with a variety of carriers and numerous plans to provide several options to each client that allows you to pick the best plan for your individual needs and budget.

For over 15 years we have helped thousands of families across the country navigate the ever-changing world of personal health insurance. We do this by taking an active and personal interest in our client’s specific needs. Our experience allows us to help even the most complex situations and our passion for helping people drives our commitment to meet clients for in-person meetings to build a trusting relationship that allows us to be your best advocate in your health insurance journey.

When we are not taking calls and meeting with clients, we are busy raising our two young children and supporting their extra-curriculars. We enjoy being busy almost as much as we savor the brief moments of down-time where we get to relax as a family. Although, it is not uncommon for our kids to be found stuffing envelopes and adding stamps to our mailers and general communications.

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